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A concierge is your personal liaison to different parts of the world that you are unfamiliar. Whether its moving to a new city or trying to plan that perfect date, your LA Concierge does it and does it right.Trying everything there is to do in this amazing city, everywhere there is to sleep and everywhere there is a buzz. From art galleries to Charity to Sporting events and Concerts tickets to adrenaline activities and day spas. The most important part of our success is the love that William Larsen has for living well in the greatest city in the World. Sharing that is his passion, His love for life translates in providing his personal clients with THE highest quality, each and every time.

With our knowledge, anything you ask can and will be achieved.

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The Shopping Friend


I was asked to be made over for a TV show on WealthTV.com. Now I had never used a personal stylist and thought I was fine with out one, that is until I used Michelle, The Shopping Friend. She was simply amazing teaching me many things that I thought I knew or didn’t even think about. We went to Fred Segal,Santa Monica, the best men’s store in Los Angeles, quite possibly the best in the Country. Simply perfect every step of the way. They have a fantastic selection of all current styles and they know how to dress, so they are there to offer advice with each outfit. After spending several hours trying on clothes that Michelle put together for various scenarios, we sat down at the Cafe inside the store, for a fresh delicious lunch. Contact Michelle for you personal styling info and check out Fred Segal for the latest fashions.

And Check out WealthTV for more great programs on Luxury Living.


Skydive San Diego


This is definitely a five star operation! I don’t have anything to compare it to but you know it when you experience it, whether or not its 5 stars.

I started the day off in their lobby filling out the necessary forms and releases, then onto the obligatory videos but really you have someone else attached to you that has a lot invested in this all going right. So maybe I slacked off a little on the videos, I ‘ll be sure to  watch closely if I go for my certification.

Once I got that out of the way on to the parachutes and harnesses, we had a couple of guys calling out our names and strapping us up. from there we had Merlin give us a demonstration of how this all was going to go down, now this I paid attention to!

From there, we were assigned instructors who we would be jumping with. I was given to Merlin, who was great, very personable and shot a great video from his wrist Cam. We got onto the plane, a little bigger than I thought it would be, thankfully. We ascended to 13k ft before we were ready to jump, here is where I guess I should get nervous, its pretty loud and there is a big opening where my team mixed with novices and pros where about to descend upon the earth. But I got Merlin sitting across from me and I am pretty confidant in his skills. So we link up and take our leap of faith to the ground. We free fall for what felt like 90 seconds but maybe it was less, the only thing I KNOW is that i could not breath with all that air rushing in my airways. We finally pulled the Chute ( idk if I had much to do with it), and we were slowed down to far less speed as my harness jerked at each pressure point, I could breathe again.

We floated down at a slow pace, turning and looking at San Diego or  Tijuana off in the distance, depending on which way we turned. We finally landed feet up, as i was told, I didn’t know that I could put them down before we hit the earth but duh, why wouldn’t I, all I was thinking was feet up!

A couple weeks later they sent  me their version of my video, taken from the wrist cam. It was heavy on the advertising but if it helps them get some more business I hope it helps because they deserve it.

Encore Flight Academy


Since I was a young kid taking my first flight as a toddler to my first commercial airline flight, I have wanted to be a pilot. I have never had the desire to work as a pilot but the idea of flying through the clouds seemed to be one of the most peaceful adventures possible. For me flying is almost meditative, where I think of nothing but blues skies. Well, as of today I am going to have to start paying attention to a bit more, like altitude, speed and heading. Because I am taking the first of many flight lessons to finally achieve my private pilot certification.

I chose Encore Flight Academy for their convenient location at Van Nuys airport, their selection of planes and a very competent group of instructors. I heard many good things about them so I decided to book my first introductory lesson.

Upon entering their lobby, I felt welcomed and comfortable. Everyone was very pleasant and there were several other students there for training and Flight simulator hours. We began with a 30 min classroom lecture followed by 30 minutes of flight simulator scenarios. Once I completed those, it was off to the plane!

We walked out to the airfield through a parking lot of single engine planes until we found our piper. we climbed in to the somewhat cramped space and buckled ourselves in, put on our headphones and started the engine. We were ready for the runway! The pilot instructor checked in with the air traffic controller in the tower. We recieved the clearance to take off and so it began.

I brought my friend Michael along for a Birthday flight over our beloved adopted hometown and so he could record this video! Enjoy…

Rabbits do it faster!


Task rabbit that is; http://www.taskrabbit.com is a great website for busy people here in LA. are you working late? Do you need something done or picked up? Just post your task on their website and several task rabbits will bid on your task, you pick the one you want and they will deliver your need. Once they arrived just sign off on their completion, pay them thru the website and rate them. This is a great com

Check out “how it works” with this video from http://www.taskrabbit.com

iFly at Universal Studios CityWalk

Now this is fun for the whole family! if you are the kind of parents that like a little adrenaline rush and think so might your kids, then this is your fun activity. From the moment I arrived it seemed like a very family oriented operation. Several families were finishing up their flight or watching their videos. In this Digital age, where kids spend the majority of time on playing video games, this will pull them away for some family time.

Well as you know I am not a kid but I was just as excited to feel weightless. We were first escorted to a locker room to put on a special suit for the flight. From there we watched the normal safety videos and then stepped out to await our final step before we were blasted by a ton of air in to a simulated skydive. Awesome. This same model is used for professional skydivers to practice their tricks, so this isn’t a toy, safety first. Our instructor, showed us how it is done before we had our chance to fly and then after showed us what you can with some practice.

A few clips from our video:

Shakespeare at Griffith Park

What a wonderful way to spend an evening!First of all Griffith Park is just a magical place to get away from the “city”, we even heard a coyote howling. Our quartet began the evening with a stop at Trader Joes, for some picnic snacks. We made our way to the parking  lot via Crystal springs Drive and then walked over to near the Old Zoo where they had built the stage. We came a little late and someone directed us to the side which had more seating area available. The show started promptly at 7 pm but we were allowed to walk out in to the seating area. We made our way to an open space with no chairs blocking our view, then put out our blankets and pillows to get comfy.

The Shakespeare Company was putting on “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, with great skill and fantastic costumes. The show had us enthralled the entire time as we dined on our delicious picnic. We had Pita and multiple hummus, with bruschetta topping, tahini sauce and vegetable crudite, some chips, nuts and of course peanut butter filled pretzels. There is no alcohol allowed in Griffith park so we only drank Sparkling lemonade but we were merry just the same.

One last note it gets pretty chilly up there, so make sure you dress warm and bring blankets!


Griffith Park Old Zoo
nearby 4730 Crystal Springs Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
GPS: 34.134204,-118.284962
(818) 710-6306

Chef Ricardo Zarate Launches Picca

Courtesy of WHERE magazine LA

Chef Ricardo Zarate, best known for his Peruvian eatery Mo-Chica and recently proclaimed Best New Chef by Food & Wine magazine, dips into flavors of Peru once again with new restaurant Picca. In a casual, contemporary cantina, a menu of shareable small plates begins with appetizers like chicken chicharrónes with salsa criolla and steamed mussels with pancetta and aji amarillo butter, and moves on to a list of so-called causa sushi, Zarate’s take on sushi that features potato topped with raw seafood. There are also numerous ceviches, tiraditos (the Peruvian version of sashimi), anticuchos (grilled skewers) of meats and seafood, and other specialties including quinoa-pumpkin stew and Peruvian paella drizzled with sea urchin sauce. Simple desserts such as churros and tres leche cake complete the meal. Cocktails utilizing the regional spirit pisco are concocted by award-winning mixologist Julian Cox.

9575 W. Pico Blvd., L.A., 310.277.0133

Thank You Where Magazine for this!

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